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Child Support

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Generally, child support is calculated in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines.   The guidelines take into account the incomes of each parent, child care costs and the medical insurance premium.


Child support is based on the children having a primary residence with one parent and spending time (about one third) with the other parent.  If the parents share parenting time (pr physical custody), there is a method prescribed by the guidelines to calculate support.

The child support guidelines are applicable to cases where the parties’ gross income is less than $250,000.00.  In cases where the parties’ gross income is more than that, the Court considers the amount prescribed by the guidelines up to $250,000.00 of income and then awards additional support thereafter if the circumstances warrant additional support.

Recognizing that it is the obligation of all parents to contribute to the support of their children, a minimum order of $80 per month ($18.46 per week) should enter in all cases, regardless of income.  The Court maintains discretion to set a higher or lower order, should circumstances warrant, as a deviation from the guidelines.

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In New Hampshire, child support is determined in accordance with RSA 451-C (The Child Support Guidelines).  These guidelines take in to account income, the number of children, the ages of the children, prior support orders, income tax, self employment tax, certain allowable expenses paid for the child and mandatory retirement contributions. The guidelines recognize the responsibility of each parent to financially support the children and that the children of in initial relationship are entitled to the same standard of living as those of a subsequent relationship.

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