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Estate Planning

Planning for your death is never an easy task. It’s hard to contemplate that event and decide what you wish for your estate. However, planning for your estate, and its distribution, is something that you should strongly consider to ensure that your wishes are followed and to prevent family strife after your death.

We will advise you what to consider and which decisions must be made. We will make suggestions if you are unsure how to divide your assets and/or which documents are necessary. We will make sure that your wishes are clear and that your assets are left to those you prefer. We will make sure that your minor children are cared for by those you desire and that your finances are distributed properly and at the appropriate time.

Estate Planning in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

We will assist with preparation of all necessary documents to complete your individual plan. These services include:

• Wills
• Powers of Attorney
• Health Care Proxies
• Declarations of Intent
• Trusts

Contact an estate planning attorney today

As life changes, you may need to revise your estate plan. Some changes call for a change. Others do not. I will meet with you to determine if revision is appropriate at this time and if so, what revisions should be made. Contact me for a private consultation.

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