If you’re having trouble in your marriage, it may be hard to contemplate a negative outcome. For many, divorce may be the last possible option that you will consider. For that reason, speaking to an attorney may also be the last thing that you want to do. Though this is completely understandable, you may benefit from seeing an attorney now rather than waiting.

When you seek the advice of counsel for a divorce, you will be educated on the process, the time line, the cost and the legal issues for your divorce. You will hear from friends that “this is what happens” or that “their friend” had a certain issue. You may read information on the internet and glean knowledge from that.

Surprisingly, a consultation may put your mind at ease. Knowing what to expect, and that things may not be as difficult in your future, can be very settling. At first, you might have felt as if you would not have enough money to survive after divorce. You may have worried that your spouse would be entitled to a certain asset. You may have not understood how custody and visitation works. You may find that after a consultation you can breathe a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, you may find after a consultation that life will be more difficult than you expected. Perhaps you will suffer financial strain. You may see your kids less than you wish. You may have expected a certain division of assets that you now learn is not realistic. This is not a positive outcome of a consultation but having had that consultation, you now can begin planning for this issue and be more prepared for it when and if it does happen.

Like anything else in life, knowledge is power. If you never have to put your new found knowledge to use, at least you’ve had that information to help you make informed decisions, impart less worry for the future or to plan ahead.

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