Since the series aired on Oxygen, there have been a few updates to this case.  There is a general feeling that Maura’s disappearance was due to someone helping her into a car at the scene but nothing concrete is known.  There have also been complaints about Maura’s previous boyfriend, although he is not a suspect in her case.  More information can be found here.  If you know anything about her disappearance, please contact law enforcement.


There are far too many missing persons cases throughout the world.  This case caught our eye because it is close to home, has a number of very strange twists and turns and has recently been in the news again.  It is still unresolved and this young woman is still missing with a number of wild theories about what actually happened to her.  As you read more about Maura Murray, consider the points that we felt made this worth highlighting:

  • Maura is a young, bright nursing student in her junior year.
  • Recent criminal history – credit card fraud. Was placed on probation for 3 months to fall off record if no other problems.
  • She did not indicate to anyone that she was unhappy with her life, in fact, there are reports from family that she and her boyfriend were engaged
  • Her room was packed up as if she was leaving
  • Police fought the family, refusing to release investigation records, citing that the release of these records would be harmful to the investigation.  See the link below for documents
  • In spite of indications that she may have simply run away, the police have continued to characterize her disappearance as a ‘criminal investigation’
  • Her car was found in a snowbank – a rag was stuffed in the tail pipe (see the 911 call log for details).
  • No arrest has been made but authorities continue to refer to this case as a criminal case and most probably a “homicide”.

We will update this case as more information comes to light.  Here are some helpful links for those of you who wish to learn more.

Documents here: Documents

Excellent resource of theories: Good source for comprehensive theories

From 2004:

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2006 Follow-up – Parents lose lawsuit in request for information from police.

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