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Inherited Property in Division of Assets

Q: Can an inherited property be brought to the table in the division of assets in the state of Massachusetts? A: Inherited property questions, as many, are decided when looking at the facts and circumstances surrounding the...

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What happens at a Divorce Pre-trial Conference?

Q: What happens at a divorce pre-trial conference? A:  Hi and thank you for your question! When a court assigns the case for pre-trial conference, the notice includes a mandate for a four way conference to take place with...

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Do I Have to Pay for Child’s College?

Q: I have a 18 year old daughter I was never married to her mother there has never been a court issued for me to pay any kind of support I have not been in this child life at anytime do to her mother not wanting me to but now...

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Can I Live in Studio Apt with 11 Year Old

Q:  Can I live in a studio apartment in Massachusetts and have my 11 year old stay with me? Like most issues in Family Law, the answer to this question depends heavily on the facts.  It would involve an analysis of the age, sex...

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Fee Waiver Question

Q: I felt as if the judge had no care or knowledge about our case. She ordered a drug test and with her words said we’re “both pointing the finger” though in my papers I never said anything about him having...

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Am i allowed to cancell his request?

My ex text me tuesday saying he wont be able to pick up for visitation friday and said to have her ready sat and he will.pick her up than. Am i able to deny and cancel his visitation? I had to call out of work resulting in a...

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Can I sue someone for adultery?

Q. Can I sue someone for adultery? I thought I read somewhere that if she keeps doing it, I can sue for it.  Help please. A. In NH, you can file for divorce on the ground of adultery.  If you can show that there was...

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Does my second job count towards child support?

Does my second job count towards child support? Maybe.  If you have a second job at the time that the initial child support order is made, then the job often will count as income when calculating child support.  The Court has to...

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