Happy New Year to all of our families, friends and colleagues! I hope that you all have had a positive start to the new year and are ready to begin anew with goals, plans and dreams for the upcoming year.

    As we start a new year, it is often the case that we think about making a “fresh start,” having a “new beginning” or “starting a new phase” of life. Some go on a diet. Some pick up a new fitness regime. Others quit smoking. Some de-clutter the house, the cabinets, their lives. Others begin a new phase of schooling or a new position at work.

    In the legal world, often there are attempts at a “fresh start” made during the new year. We see people initiate a long time coming divorce, finish up post-divorce details, sell their home or even simply complete their estate plan (no more dawdling!). Now is a good time to get these things done and put one more nagging thing behind you for the start of a new year. If this is one of your new year’s resolutions, dial us up today and let’s get started!

    A happy, healthy 2013 to you and yours!