Can I modify all of the terms of my divorce agreement?

No. There are only certain terms of an agreement (or an order or judgment) that may be modified. It depends on the law and the language contained within the agreement. Generally, items such as child support, custody, visitation, alimony and health insurance may be modified.

I made an agreement at the time of my divorce and I now feel that the terms are not in my favor. Can I change the terms?

No. Certain terms of the agreement are modifiable but only if you can show a material change in circumstances that is beyond your control. This is why it is very important to have counsel and make informed decisions when you first make the agreement.

I lost my job and cannot afford to pay my child support. What do I do?

File a Complaint for Modification and ask the Court to reduce your support. Address this as soon as you can with the Court to avoid accrual of support that you can’t afford to pay.

I lost my job. My former spouse is understanding and said that I don’t have to pay the court ordered child support until I find a job. Will this be okay?

Your former spouse’s agreement to modify the Order is important but you must also get permission from the Court. When there is an Order from the Court, you are bound to remain complaint with its terms. If you want to change the Order, you must get permission from the Court.