How do I know if I qualify for alimony?

Alimony is based on several different factors that are prescribed by statute
(G.L. 208 §34 in Massachusetts and RSA 458:16 in New Hampshire). They include the length of the marriage, the age of the parties, health of the parties, station in life, education & skills, amount and source of income, contribution of the parties to the marital assets, contribution of the parties to the acquiring assets, the needs of the parties, the liabilities of the parties and the estates of the parties. The court looks at all the factors to decide if one party needs support from the other post-divorce.

I have heard that alimony is granted to long term marriages? Is this true? How long is a “long term” marriage?

Typically, alimony is awarded in long term marriages. There is no definition as to how many years is considered long term, but generally speaking, when a marriage is more than ten years long, we will then analyze the remaining factors.

How do I know how much alimony I might receive?

There is no formula or specific calculation used by the Massachusetts Court. It is up to you, or your attorney, to demonstrate that you are in need of alimony and why.