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Legal News

  • Wanted Couple Arrested in Portsmouth Motel
  • Smell of Pot Doesn't Warrant Car Search, Mass. Supreme Court Rules
  • Mothers Paying Child Support
  • Big News on the Annie Dookhan Scandal
  • Salem woman kidnapping hearing
In the early hours of Monday morning, a wanted couple was arrested in Portsmouth motel.  From the SeaCoastonline.com Article:
PORTSMOUTH — Portsmouth police — working in conjunction with State Police troopers and the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force — arrested a wanted man and a woman at the Motel 6 early this morning, according to police. Portsmouth Police Sgt. Christopher Kiberd said the U.S. Marshall’s Service notified Portsmouth police that they believed
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140110_marijuana_ap_605 The Supreme Judicial Court Wednesday, in the case of Commonwealth v. Craan , said that due to small amounts of marijuana being decriminalized in 2008, police may no longer rely on the smell of (unburnt) pot to justify stop of a person or a search of a person’s car. In 2011, in the case of Commonwealth v. Cruz, the Court ruled that it was impermissible for police to execute a warrantless search based Read More

mothers paying child support Growing Trend: Mothers Paying Child Support and Fathers getting Custody

Mothers often do pay child support and fathers can get sole custody of their children, as seen in recent cases, such as the actress Halle Berry.   Now, you be thinking that because famous people such as actors and actresses have a lot of money, they have sway over the courts and can make the rules up as they go.  However, Read More

Big News on the Annie Dookhan Scandal

The Scandal:

annie dookhan scandal Annie Dookhan was found to have tampered with drug evidence at the Hinton drug lab in Jamaica Plain.  She misrepresented her qualifications as a chemist.  She tampered with drug samples.  She filed false results.  Her actions affected approximately 40,000 defendants across the Commonwealth from 2004 – 2011.  Recently, Dookhan offered a plea to upwards of two dozen criminal charges and was sentenced Read More

Salem woman kidnapping hearing


accused kidnapper, on-again, off-again boyfriend, Robert Scribner

A recent example in the news of “Dangerousness Hearings” Just yesterday a “dangerousness hearing” took place at the Salem District Court (Massachusetts) regarding the Salem woman kidnapping hearing which prompted me to explain how this process works and what you’d expect if you were involved in such a hearing.  This doesn’t capture every single detail or “what if” but Read More